Monday, July 2, 2007

A Blog From Mandy's Friend


This is Mandy's friend, Katie. I have known Mandy since elementary school, and yes, she was a surfer girl even back then! In high school, Mandy and I became closer friends because we both joined the high school soccer team... well, for one year at least. Then came our group of friends, The BC, and our daily meetings. We really bonded during high-school, which is when Mandy started dating Josh.

They were the perfect couple, and we all loved Josh. He seemed to be the perfect match for Mandy, and I really respected that he stuck around even through his going to college. We had so much fun with him at homecomings and proms, and it never seemed like he felt he shouldn't be there. We all expected them to get married one day, so it was no surprise when Josh proposed.

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At July 2, 2007 at 8:25 PM , Anonymous Brittanie Stubbs said...

OMG when I watched this episode i was shocked. I knew Mandy when I lived in Melbourne, Florida when we were in Elementery school and went to the same church. Im so happy for you girl. Who knew that after all these years of trying to find you on myspace, other old friends, etc. that i would see you on mtv. well congrats again and best wishes!


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